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Burscough Canal

WELCOME to our updated website - launched 6th April 2015.


At the launch of the site, in March 2010, there were more than 3,000 names, mostly families of canal workers, all connected by marriage in one huge tree, Canal Family 1. Since then the number of individuals in this tree has grown to 23,428 (as at 2nd April 2015). Two more trees, Canal Family 2 with 95 people (merged with Canal Family 1 on 6th June 2014 and deleted) and Canal Family 3 with 24 people, were started in June 2012. A fourth tree, Canal Family 4 (containing 273 names), was created on 3rd October 2013, but was soon merged into Canal Family 1 and was deleted on 18th October 2013. A new tree, Canal Family 5 (containing 120 names), was created on 8th February 2014.

We do not knowingly include living people unless they have given permission. The information has been compiled from the private research of ODFHS members and from the websites of Lancashire On-line Parish Clerks, Lancashire BMDs, the Censuses and increasingly parish records on Ancesty. Some details are inevitably more complete than others, but where copies of birth, marriage or death certificates are held, this is indicated in an individual's Life History by the letters BC, MC or DC.

Society members and others are invited to contribute information of their own to help fill in the gaps and expand the existing tree. Any additional data or suggested amendments can be emailed to boatfamilies[at] or by using the contact us link - and do please indicate sources, especially if you have verification by certificates etc.

We can accept data in any form convenient to you, but if you have researched a tree of three or more generations we would appreciate receiving it as an attachment in GEDCOM format to the same address. (Your family history program will have an option to export a tree in the GEDCOM format. This is what we would like you to send as an email attachment.) If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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The Society is indebted to the small group of dedicated enthusiasts who have developed this site. Using this site and the other ODFHS products; such as the CD of Burscough Boat Families, should enable you to discover many of your ancestors.
Bill Huyton, Chairman ODFHS, March 2011.

The purpose of this site is to assist researchers whose ancestors worked on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal & associated waterways, especially in South-West Lancashire. In later pages of the introduction, you will find more information about the canals & how to submit questions and family trees for inclusion on the site.


Use the link above to see the surname list or select one of the surnames from the panel below. The main family members are those who have a significant number of relatives recorded as boaters. Alternatively, you can search for a particular person by using the search box. At various places on the site you will see a small tree icon - this will show you the family tree of this particular person. Or, you can click on any name shown to reveal their details. Once you have chosen the first name it is possible to navigate that entire tree. Returning to the Group Names page will allow you to visit another tree.

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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Ainscough Flour Mill


Canal Family 1:
19 February 2017 ... V71

New total:
32,668 individuals

New names:
Fallows 22; Hoxworth 21

Main increases:
Illidge 56; Roberts 38; Clowes 37; Turner 36; Hough 29; Done 24; Muskett 20; Goodier 19; Whittle 13; Hurst 12

A new family is that of Samuel Fallows and sons, watermen from the Northwich area, who are linked to the Verdins of Witton by the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth to Robert Verdin in 1850.
Further links between West Lancashire and Cheshire boatmen appear with the marriage of Mary, daughter of the Burscough couple John Worthington and Benigna nee Lamb, to John James Hoxworth of Runcorn, and of Mary's brother James Worthington to Maria Kirkham of Runcorn. The Hoxworths are descended from waterman John Oxworth of Warrington, whose family name changed spelling the the mid-1800s.
The wife of William Carrington (b1861 son of Ellen Carrington and John Gill) has now been identified as Mary b1858 Wigan, daughter of James Prescott and Ann Sherman, not Mary b1861 Lydiate, daughter of James Prescott and Frances Rimmer as we previously had it. Her age and birthplace now match the census entries.
We have developed two inter-married Turner families in which Thomas and Ann, children of Henry and Martha Turner (Halsall and Wigan), married Martha and William, children of James and Catherine Turner (Shevington and Halsall) in the late 1870s. After Ann's husband William died in 1900, she married his widowed brother Richard in 1904.
The Wignall family descended from Richard b1782 and Ann (nee Ashcroft) of Rufford has been separated from that of Richard b1823 Eccleston, whose parents were also called Richard and Ann. Other increases are expansions of Mersey and Cheshire watermen's families.

Canal Family 2:
6 June 2014 - merged with Canal Family 1

Canal Family 3:
29 June 2012 ... V02

New total:
24 individuals

Main names:
Denson, Rimmer ...

Canal Family 4:
18 October 2013 - merged with Canal Family 1

Canal Family 5:
22 May 2015 ... V02

New total:
122 individuals

Main names:
Ainscough 28, Mason 26, Fairclough 23