of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and connected waterways

Appleton, Cheshire



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1800Appleton, Cheshire I33665
2 Birchall, Charles  1831Appleton, Cheshire I17224
3 Broady, Joseph  1831Appleton, Cheshire I18234
4 Denning, Annie E  1878Appleton, Cheshire I11312
5 Houghton, Frederick William  1879Appleton, Cheshire I30929
6 Houghton, George A  1877Appleton, Cheshire I30928
7 Houghton, James A  1875Appleton, Cheshire I30927
8 Houghton, John R  1883Appleton, Cheshire I30930
9 Houghton, Sophia  1866Appleton, Cheshire I30926
10 Houghton, Thomas  1841Appleton, Cheshire I35292
11 Leach, John Thomas  Abt May 1869Appleton, Cheshire I30797
12 Pendlebury, James  1803Appleton, Cheshire I19173
13 Risley, Jane Ann  1846Appleton, Cheshire I30925
14 Thompson, Alice  1832Appleton, Cheshire I33021
15 Wood, Thomas  1824Appleton, Cheshire I26797
16 Wright, Elizabeth  1832Appleton, Cheshire I30741
17 Wright, Emily  1845Appleton, Cheshire I30739
18 Wright, Hannah  1839Appleton, Cheshire I30743
19 Wright, John Booth  1842Appleton, Cheshire I30742
20 Wright, Sarah  1837Appleton, Cheshire I30744
21 Wright, Thomas  1834Appleton, Cheshire I30793
22 Yates, Nancy  1824Appleton, Cheshire I28538