of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and connected waterways




Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ainscough, Benjamin  1795Blackrod I095
2 Atherton, Jane  1850Blackrod I36469
3 Bibby, Catherine  1890Blackrod I04833
4 Bibby, Nancy  1893Blackrod I04834
5 Brennan, Jane  1891Blackrod I13573
6 Brennan, Mary  1883Blackrod I13572
7 Collier, Mary  1826Blackrod I17866
8 Dickinson, Lucy  1891Blackrod I35614
9 Dickinson, William  1889Blackrod I35772
10 Hannah  1868Blackrod I13575
11 Hargreaves, Jane  1886Blackrod I01327
12 Leigh, John  1829Blackrod I09602
13 Lowton, Elizabeth  1815Blackrod I13449
14 Malley, Mary A  1887Blackrod I01321
15 Morris, Jane  8 Oct 1846Blackrod I07068
16 Nutter, Richard  1841Blackrod I13451
17 Pilkington, Sarah  1859Blackrod I04823
18 Ramsbottom, Omar  1880Blackrod I06960
19 Scott, Mary Ellen  9 Sep 1879Blackrod I16762
20 Sharrock, Alice  1867Blackrod I07164
21 Sturgess, Emma  1890Blackrod I31019
22 Sturgess, Ethel  1903Blackrod I31020
23 Sturgess, Gladys  1906Blackrod I31021
24 Sturgess, Henry  1894Blackrod I31017
25 Sturgess, Minnie  1898Blackrod I31018
26 Taylor, John James  1869Blackrod I08891
27 Walmsley, John  1796Blackrod I05033
28 Walmsley, Thomas  1886Blackrod I04901
29 Wells, Jane  1904Blackrod I04981
30 Wright, Betty  1883Blackrod I14719
31 Wright, Edward  1875Blackrod I14715
32 Wright, James  1873Blackrod I14717
33 Wright, James  1881Blackrod I14718