of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and connected waterways

Hesketh Bank



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball, Jane  1847Hesketh Bank I24857
2 Bond, Margaret  1836Hesketh Bank I24758
3 Caunce, James  1868Hesketh Bank I18980
4 Davies, Mary  1842Hesketh Bank I07041
5 Davies, William  14 Nov 1845Hesketh Bank I07044
6 Fairclough, Alice  1849Hesketh Bank I24806
7 Fairclough, James  1856Hesketh Bank I24856
8 Fairclough, John  1848Hesketh Bank I24805
9 Fairclough, Samuel  1859Hesketh Bank I24855
10 Fairclough, Thomas  1851Hesketh Bank I24854
11 Howard, Hannah  1860Hesketh Bank I16683
12 Iddon, Edith Maud  1912Hesketh Bank I27446
13 Iddon, Edward  1904Hesketh Bank I27431
14 Iddon, Eliot Edward  1906Hesketh Bank I27428
15 Iddon, Elizabeth Alice Ann  1902Hesketh Bank I27430
16 Iddon, Francis Henry  1907Hesketh Bank I27429
17 Iddon, Margaret  1900Hesketh Bank I07634
18 Iddon, William  1899Hesketh Bank I27427
19 Johnson, William  1876Hesketh Bank I24773
20 Lawson, Alice  1778Hesketh Bank I23911
21 Lawson, John  15 Apr 1777Hesketh Bank I04324
22 Miller, Alice  1868Hesketh Bank I16703
23 Miller, Ellen  1863Hesketh Bank I04759
24 Miller, Jane  1845Hesketh Bank I04766
25 Miller, John  1836Hesketh Bank I04764
26 Miller, John  1866Hesketh Bank I04760
27 Miller, Richard  1847Hesketh Bank I04767
28 Miller, Richard  1872Hesketh Bank I04768
29 Miller, Thomas  1860Hesketh Bank I04756
30 Nelson, Annie  1856Hesketh Bank I10699
31 Rotheram, Ann  1856Hesketh Bank I10695
32 Sharples, Alice  1875Hesketh Bank I16468
33 Stazicker, Thomas  1812Hesketh Bank I01634
34 Tear, Soloman  1862Hesketh Bank I16702
35 Wignall, John  1782Hesketh Bank I08286
36 Wright, Agnes  1875Hesketh Bank I24770


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Iddon, Edward  1904Hesketh Bank I27431
2 Iddon, Elizabeth Alice Ann  30 Dec 1904Hesketh Bank I27430
3 Iddon, William  2 Jun 1917Hesketh Bank I27427
4 Nelson, Joseph  1858Hesketh Bank I10687
5 Sharples, Alice  17 Apr 1968Hesketh Bank I16468